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Eye Patches: A Simple Solution to a Common Problem

Lots of our younger patients have a lazy eye. It comes about when vision in one eye is stifled. This might happen if your child struggles to see well through one eye because of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, or something that could be limiting sight in that eye. Usually, eye patches are the central and most productive part of strengthening lazy eyes. Our patients are advised to apply their patch for a few hours each day, and patients will usually also require corrective glasses. Patching.

A lot of parents have trouble fitting their children with eye patches, particularly when they’re on the younger side. When the stronger eye is covered, it makes it harder for your child to see. It may be difficult to rationalize the process to a young child; that they must patch their strong eye to improve their weaker eye, but that weak eyesight is exactly the thing that makes patches so difficult. There are a number of ways to encourage your child to wear their patch. For preschoolers, you may find success by using a sticker chart. Eye patch manufacturers are aware of your plight; patches are made in loads of patterns and colors that kids will love. Involve your child in the process and make it fun by allowing them to choose a new and fun patch every day. Older kids will be able to comprehend how patching works, so it’s worthwhile to sit and talk to them about it.

Maybe wear a patch along with your child, or maybe put a patch on one of their favorite toys.

Patches are great and can be very successful, but it really requires you to keep focused on the long term goal.