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Are Smartphones Eye-Safe?

If you look around, you are likely to realize that pretty much everybody is using mobile devices. These devices guarantee that we have access to our friends, family and work wherever we find ourselves. Nevertheless most people hold their phones and tablets right in front of their eyes. This kind of reading can be really tough on your vision.

It’s much harder for your eyes to focus on small images and text. Eventually, this has been found to lead to problems with focus and vision, especially for those who already use vision correction, like glasses or lenses. Some research shows evidence that when people who wear glasses have a lot of small screen time, the eyes have difficulty correcting for distance. Sooner or later, these challenges can lead to eyestrain and headaches.

In addition to this, too much time looking at your small screen can reduce your blink rate, and that can cause dry eyes and blurry vision.

In order to stop eyestrain and blurred vision resulting from the use of our smartphones and tablets, it’s best to use a larger font, and hold the screen further away from your face. It’s also good to try and regularly take breaks from staring at your phone. If you still experience headaches, it might be time for glasses specifically made to help you focus up close. Learning to be smart about your smartphone will only protect your eyes.